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Our Kitchen

All our meals are homemade on site by our Chef Tony, he uses fresh local produce to create nutritious and well balanced meals for the Children. Dietary and Cultural requirements are catered for on an individual basis. We offer three month seasonal menus, with a three week rotation. We encourage both Parents and Children to give us feedback on the food we provide, and always welcome new ideas to add to our Menu.

We understand the importance of supporting both parents and their babies with the weaning process, from exploring first tastes through to feeding themselves. As a result of this we have developed weaning menus that run alongside our seasonal menus. All babies will be at different stages of the weaning process, your key person will talk through what stage your baby is at during settle sessions.

Winter Menus

Children are encouraged to help serve their own food at mealtimes, and with the preparation where possible. This promotes their independence and encourages them to try new foods.Our Chef Tony regularly joins the Children in the rooms to provide them with the opportunity to participate in cooking activities. When the children cook in the room it offers the opportunity to develop life skills and an understanding of where our food comes from.

Food Hygiene Rating

Our kitchen is inspected annually by the local council. They check our risk assessments, policies, and procedures. We are then given a Food Hygiene Rating based on their findings. We are proud to share our 5 Star Rating.


Rainbow Town and Soft Play Room

This is a large room that was built thanks to the Lottery Funding in 2008. This room has a range of soft play toys including a ball pit and a balance beam this aids the Children’s Physical Development. In the other half of the room we have created what we call ‘Rainbow Town’ this consists of a range of role play areas including a Supermarket, Hairdressers, and a Café. This area of the room allows children to use their imagination and act out real life experiences they have had with others.

 Outdoor Areas

Rainbow Children’s Nursery Ltd is set in extensive grounds allowing us to have large outdoor areas, in addition to the gardens attached to the Children’s Rooms that allow for free flow play. Our main garden is accessible to all ages and incorporates a large sandpit, play area, bikes, tricycles, cars and an obstacle course. We also have a woodland area that is available to our Tots and Beans with a large mud kitchen, a variety of various sized climbing equipment, and a cosy willow den to encourage imaginative play along with a kayak and role play camp area.