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Parent Partnership

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework states a partnership includes ‘parents, families and practitioners working together to benefit children.’

There are many ways practitioners and parents can work together. The EYFS focuses on four, including:

  • Supporting learning and development
  • Sharing Information
  • Contributing
  • Making decisions and advocating different approaches and courses of action


Leaving your child is difficult, especially at such a young age, here at Rainbow Children’s Nursery Ltd we ensure your child is in a trusting environment by making sure your child feels safe when they are with us. We use the Key Person System to help build trust between your child and the adults looking after them, this also creates trust for parents too.


Here at Rainbow Children’s Nursery Ltd we want to involve parents as much as possible and keep in regular contact, providing information and guidance on your child’s development.

Shared Expectation

As a Nursery we expect parents to actively get involved in their child’s learning, and keep us up to date with their development outside of the Nursery. The expectation from parents is that their child will be left in a safe environment and that we as a Nursery will actively help progress their child’s learning. Good relationships between staff and parents helps manage expectations and allows parents to be comfortable to raise concerns about their learning.

Keeping Up To Date

Children all learn at different rates, a partnership with parents ensures that parents are always kept up to date on their child’s learning and development. Your child’s development will be recorded through observations using our online learning journey ‘Tapestry’, parents can also add observations to this and make comments on observations.

Parent Partnership in Practice

Rainbow Children’s Nursery Ltd have in place the following to promote parent partnership:

  • News Letters – we produce a monthly News Letter to keep parents up to date with the latest information and events.
  • Daily Diaries – in both our Jelly Babies and Jelly Tots rooms we use a diary to record your child’s day, to include what activities they have done, what they have eaten, how long they have slept and their general well being.
  • Parents Evenings – these are held twice a year and offer the opportunity for parents to meet with your child’s Key Person to talk in depth about their development. This offers an opportunity for both parties to raise any concerns.
  • Fund Raising Events – as a Charity run Nursery we hold fundraising events throughout the year for our families to attend.