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Settling In and Key Person System

Settling In With Us…..

At Rainbow Children’s Nursery Ltd we want children to feel safe and happy within our setting as well as feel secure and comfortable with staff. We also want you as parents to have confidence in both your child’s wellbeing and your role as an active partner within our setting.

We achieve this by offering a one hour session for you to come in with your child to complete their registration forms, and spend time with your child’s key person whilst your child explores their new environment. During this session your child’s key person will book their next settle sessions with you, this is two further two hour sessions. This is an opportunity for us to get to know your child more, and for them to play with the children already in our care. You may wish to stay with your child during these next visits, or may choose to leave them for part of the session. We will work with you to work out what is best for your child. After their initial settling sessions should your child not be happy and settled we will extend their settling period.

All children settle in differently, some children enter nursery like they’ve been here all the time whilst others may get a little upset when their parents leave. This may continue for their first few sessions with us, but rest assured we will always ring if we feel your child is unhappy. During their sessions Parents are always welcome to call and see how their child is.

Key Person System

A Key Person will be assigned to your Child once they start with us, this member of staff works in their room and will ensure your Child has access to all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in a way that suits your Child and follows their individual interests. All children have a Key Person, but other members of staff will look after your Child and they will be familiar with all practitioners withing the setting.

A Key Person’s Role
  • To assist both parent and child during the settling in period.
  • To provide parents with information regarding routines and activities in the room.
  • To support the child to become familiar with the routine of the day and their new environment.
  • To carry out observations on their Key Children, and plan next steps for their development.
  • To take care of the child’s personal needs i.e. nappy changing and toileting where possible.